This site is made to give you the opportunity to bid on the work of Dutch artist Roel van der Linden. His first solo in the Amsterdam KersGallery contains 42 works. All the works can be found on this website. There are three ways you can purchase a work by Roel.

1: You do a creative bid. It can be an amount of money or a service or goods. Or it can be a combination of these three. The artist and the gallerist decide after the show whether your bid will be accepted. When a bid in goods and/or services is very interesting we can decide to accept it immediately. Be creative.

2: You do a bid in money starting from the lowest suggested price written next to each painting. When your bid is the highest bid after the end of Roel’s show, the work is yours.

3: You pay the highest suggested bid written next to each work and you immediately have the work. Highest suggested bid=SOLD

for example 50x50cm 700-1000 euro:

1: creative bid, at the end of the show we decide whether your bid is accepted

2: bidding from 700 euro, highest bid at the end of the show gets the work.

3: you pay the maximum price of 1000 euro and you own the work of art.

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